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EXCLUSIVE: Raleigh Keegan Debuts Lyric Video for “Easy On The Trigger”

If we’ve learned anything lately, it’s that people have a lot on their plate, so it’s not good to judge too quickly.

That’s what Raleigh Keegan‘s new song “Easy On The Trigger” is all about.

Produced by Grammy-award winner Ryan Gore (Jon Pardi, Old Dominion), and co-written by Raleigh with Alex Dooley and Brian Carper.

When it comes to creating the track, Raleigh shares, “That was an idea I had because of what I was seeing on social media and how we treat each other. I’d read someone say ‘words can be violent.’ That really struck me and made me think about words as a gun, and that’s really what inspired the concept.”

While there is a message to it, “Easy On The Trigger” doesn’t feel like a “message” song Raleigh says, “It was a fun song to write because it has a serious message wrapped in up-tempo music. It will make you dance while encouraging you to be thoughtful about prioritizing what is important in life over trivial things.”

Raleigh adds, “What’s cool about Alex and Brian is they will take risks with me. When I came in with those ideas we ran with it. This isn’t your typical love song. It also has tempo changes that normal country/pop songs don’t have. They helped me formulate the ideas I had and brought them to fruition.”

“Easy On The Trigger” from Raleigh Keegan arrives everywhere tomorrow — but The Country Daily has the EXCLUSIVE preview of the song and lyric video today!

Photo Credit: Sean McGee