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Ian Munsick’s “Long Haul” of 9 Years Pays Off With a Song On the Radio

Ian Munsick recently had a moment that everyone who dreams about making music for a living hopes and waits for…the first time they hear their music on the radio.

Ian was in his car when he captured on video the first time he heard “Long Haul” on a country station.

Ian shared, “9 years ago, an 18 year old Ian moved from Wyoming to Nashville. A few days in, I missed the wide open spaces and friendly faces so much that I moved back to the ranch that raised me. My family supported my decision but never let me stop asking the question ‘what if?’ A few months later, that question haunted me into moving back to Music City. Fast forward 9 years… the question stopped haunting me. The Dream became a reality. If mine can, so can yours. Chase it.”

Check out Ian Munsick’s music video for “Long Haul” right here…

Photo Courtesy of Warner Music Nashville