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Paul Koffy


    A vetted history of success in a career based solely in Country Music -Minneapolis, Dallas, Atlanta, Tampa, Salt Lake City, Greenville/Spartanburg, and Pensacola – with great ratings stories in each city – well except Salt Lake – I won Utah Broadcasters Association best morning show, but the signal of KEGA is well known for barely existing.

    2001 CMA Medium Market Personality of the Year.

    Well known and appreciated by record industry and the artists for presence, style, and skill of interviews. (humbled when Steven Tyler told me it was one of the greatest interviews of his career)
    Connect at a place of goodwill and be an example, a leader, by actively being the best that I can be.


    I love God, I love Jesus, I am passionate about direct experience of Faith, Love, expanding the mind to integrate that love more and more in my life. I love people and animals.
    Connecting with people via a vibe with and smile is the greatest connection to be had.
    I have a tractor, sawmill, 5 dogs – depending on year have anywhere from 1 to 150 stands of bees.
    Grease, dirt, sweat, realizing I should have read the directions better, mixing 2 cycle gas wrong, bonfires, floorboards that need to be cleaned.
    I live the lifestyle of the music, I live and embrace the life of America outside the perimeter of downtown.
    Letterkenny is most recent favorite show.
    Ruth on Ozark is awesome.