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Two arrested for shooting at Armuchee Park

July 31, 2019–3:08 p.m.


Two men have been charged with shooting guns at Armuchee Park and endangering other people with their behavior. The police department earlier posted a picture of the incident on social media and received numerous messages in response to the reckless incident.

Investigators are asking the public to come forward if they came in contact with the men at the park or if they were witness to the reckless and menacing activity which has been ongoing since February at the recreation area off Jones Mill Road.

William D. Bennett, 23, of Summerville turned himself in at the Floyd County Jail Wednesday morning on charges of reckless conduct and criminal trespass. He has been released from custody.

Eric Joseph Grant Jr, 20, was arrested Wednesday afternoon in Cleveland, TN and is also charged with reckless conduct and criminal trespass.

Reports from witnesses and photographic evidence reveal that the suspects were pointing guns at each other as well as vehicles that passed by.

Warrants allege that both Bennett and Grant “consciously disregarded the substantial and unjustifiable risk” by shooting guns at the park, which is frequently occupied by children and adults.

There is no backstop for shooting at the county facility and in some cases the guns were being shot blindly into the woods with no regard for neighbors or anyone who might be present.