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State budget meets began last week

October 1, 2019–12:20 p.m.


State Budget meetings began last week and Georgia Governor Brian Kemp is calling for state agencies to cut their budgets by four percent.

State Representative Katie Dempsey, appearing on Tuesday’s First News with Tony McIntosh, was asked if the state is facing financial trouble.

“No, I don’t think we’re in trouble,” she said.  “I really think we are preparing, as we should, for the predictions that historically we could be for a tighter time across the nation and in Georgia.”

It’s not clear at this point where the cuts will come from.

“I think the governor is just beginning those conversations,” Dempsey added.  “They have made it well known that they do not want it to be about layoffs.  If there are jobs that are not filled and there is no time to fill them in this budget cycle, that’s appropriate.  There is spending on buildings, supplies or projects that cannot come into a timely manner by the time we start the 2021 budget then it’s time to pull that money back.  That’s usually what we do in the House and Senate after the governor presents his budget.  We’re just doing it a little different this time.

According to the Atlanta Journal-Constitution, some massive enrollment-driven programs — such as k-12 schools, universities, and Medicaid — are exempt from the cuts.