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This is Fire Prevention Week

October 7, 2019–10:20 a.m.


This is National Fire Prevention Week.

The theme for the week is “Not Every Hero Wears a Cape, Plan Your Escape.”

In a typical home fire, you may have as little as one to two minutes to escape safely from the time the smoke alarm sounds so it’s vital that you have an escape plan.

“We really can’t set that plan for you because you know your house better than we do,” said Linda Patty with the Rome Fire Education Department.  “We can tell you to make your primary exits on your plan.  We teach 5th graders to draw one.  Make those in red and then your secondary, maybe in blue.  The primary exit would, of course, be your door.  Try the door.  If not, try a window.  However, if you live in an apartment or mobile home where you may be limited with exit areas, you need to have a plan A through D because if that door is hot you cannot go out that door.  More than likely There is fire on the other side.”

Patty also stressed the importance of practicing your escape plan.

“You wouldn’t put a football team on the field without practice,” she said.  “Plan A or B might not be what you think it’s going to turn out like.  So, practice it during the day and at night.  We also tell our students to blindfold themselves because you are not going to be able to see just a few inches in front of you due to the smoke.  It’s not like the movies.  Get low and go, but know your way out.”

You can read more about escape plans here.