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Rome embarking on a comprehensive evaluation of its public transit programs

November 10, 2019–12:37 p.m.


Given recent changes associated with Rome’s Tripper bus service the City has embarked on a comprehensive evaluation of its public transit (bus and Para-transit) programs. To assist with the program assessment, the City selected Moore & Associates, Inc., a consulting firm specializing in public transportation.

Across the next several months, City staff and the consultant team will conduct an array of outreach activities to ensure persons residing, working, or attending school in Rome have opportunities to participate in this important project. Among the outreach activities planned are various surveys, roundtable meetings, and info-sharing workshops. Details regarding the outreach activities can be found online at

According to City Transit Director Kathy Shealy, postcards promoting a short online community survey will soon be mailed to nearly 4,000 Rome households. Representatives from Moore & Associates will be in Rome in mid-November to survey riders on the City’s popular Mainline bus service as well as evaluate service on-time performance.

More than 30 community organizations have been identified to participate in the project and will soon receive a short survey to complete. Utilizing results from the survey, the City and Moore & Associates will facilitate a series of stakeholder roundtables. Results from the community survey will be used to guide future info-sharing workshops.

Shealy noted that the project, known officially as a Transit Development Plan, will not only provide an objective snapshot of City transit operations, but also serve as a “blueprint” for the future development of transit service in and around Rome.

Questions regarding the project may be addressed to Kathy Shealy at (706) 236-4523.