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Floyd County Schools Receive State Level PBIS Recognitions

January 30th, 2020 – 1:45 PM

 Floyd County Schools –

Positive Behavioral Interventions and Supports (PBIS) is an evidence-based framework developed to reduce disciplinary incidents. It can be linked to an increase in a school’s sense of safety as well. Additionally, it has been proven to support improved academic outcomes due to the decrease in time spent dealing with behavior in the instructional setting.

More than 1,200 Georgia schools and 27,000 nationwide have been trained in PBIS. The PBIS framework is made up of three areas of prevention: primary, secondary, and individual support. There are numerous benefits to implementing a schoolwide PBIS program, among those benefits: improved school culture, development of social skills, reduction of discipline referrals, reduction of suspensions, an increase of instructional time, improvement of social and emotional development, school’s sense of safety is improved, and an increase in student engagement.

Each year the Georgia Department of Education (GaDOE) awards four Levels of Recognition: Installing, Emerging, Operational, and Distinguished. Each level has a defined set of requirements for training and commitment, assessment instruments, and outcome data. Along with the recognition, schools that are implementing the PBIS program with fidelity are listed on the GaDOE‐PBIS webpage as an active PBIS school, provided a Certificate of Recognition from PBIS program coordinator and GaDOE PBIS specialist, as well as 5 Bonus Points recommended for School Climate Star Rating.

Floyd County Schools PBIS Coordinator Mrs. Jennifer Scoggins and NWGA RESA Coordinator/PBIS and School Climate Dr. Robbie Vincent presented the following schools with their recognition at the Floyd County Board of Education’s regular board meeting for January:


  • Armuchee High


  • Alto Park Elementary

  • Armuchee Elementary

  • Coosa High

  • Pepperell Primary


  • Armuchee Middle

  • Cave Spring Elementary

  • Coosa Middle

  • Garden Lakes Elementary

  • Glenwood Primary

  • Model Middle

  • Pepperell Elementary

  • Pepperell Middle


  • Johnson Elementary

  • Model Elementary

Armuchee High received the Installing Recognition in their first year of PBIS implementation. Model Elementary and Johnson Elementary are two of only 65 schools in the state to receive the Distinguished Recognition.