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Rockmart Police Department starts K-9 Fund

March 11th, 2020 – 1:06 PM

Rockmart Police Department Press Release –

Chief Turner of the Rockmart Police Department:

It’s official! We started the “City of Rockmart K-9 Fund” to obtain a police K-9 for our agency. We were able to get this program started thanks to our local State Farm office and the Polk County Rotary Club. We would like to get this program started without using taxpayer funds at all. It’s our goal to collect donations and support from the community to make this happen. It’s a huge asset to our community to have this resource available to us.”

“If you are interested in donating and supporting this program, feel free to call or come by. Checks can be made out to “City of Rockmart K-9 Fund”. Thank you for your support. We would also like to thank our City Council, City Manager and Mayor for their support.”

“If we find one missing child or a lost and vulnerable adult, this program pays for itself. Our goal is to expand the services that we are able to provide to our citizens without making all taxpayers pay for it. K-9’s have proven to be valuable in terms of drug enforcement, criminal apprehension, and search and rescue. They are also great for community policing at special events and functions.”