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Floyd County Magistrate Court Dispossessory Cases Update

March 25th, 2020 – 10:30 AM


On March 14th, Governor Kemp and Chief Justice Harold Melton declared a Statewide Judicial Emergency which affects all cases filed in Magistrate Court. This included all Writ of Possessions and the Execution of Writs. The only exception was for cases as defined by the Chief Justice as being a “judicial emergency”.

Therefore, in order to comply with the Order, Magistrate Court has discontinued all dispossessory cases and the Floyd County Sheriff’s Office will not be allowed to serve any dispossessory cases or execute any Writs of Possession until the Order terminates on April 13th. The Governor and Chief Justice may extend the Order, but hopefully, this crisis will have passed on or before this date.

President Donald Trump announced on March 18, 2020, that Fannie Mae, Freddie Mac, and HUD is suspending all foreclosures and evictions on any single homeowner. This moratorium will continue for sixty days.

We understand the requirements of these emergency Orders from both the Federal and State governments will affect many people in our community, but during this crisis, it is necessary for all of us to work together and make the sacrifices necessary for the long-term benefit of our community and its citizens.

We request your understanding of the situation and assure you that as soon as the emergency no longer exists, Magistrate Court will proceed to resume its function.