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Suspect Charged In Violent Bartow Home Invasion

June 1st, 2020 – 9:30 AM

WBHF Radio – 

(Via WBHF Radio) A suspect was booked into the Bartow County Jail on May 26th in reference to a violent robbery which allegedly took place at a Fieldmont Apartment off Gilreath Road near Cartersville on April 16th.

The complainant stated she was in her room with her boyfriend when they hear a loud bang. She said she walked out of her room and saw her ex-boyfriend, 31-year-old Cortez Levangham Thompson of Rome, running up the stairs.

She said she closed and locked her bedroom door, but Thompson kicked the door open. She said Thompson went in, pointed a gun at the current boyfriend, and told him he was going to kill him if he didn’t leave. She said he turned, pointed the gun at her, and told her he was going to kill her.

She said Thompson pushed the current boyfriend against a side table (knocking a lamp over), pushed him into the blinds, and hit him several times. She said Thompson took the current boyfriend’s phone from him and said no one was calling 911.

She said she saw her phone on the ground and tried to grab it, but Thompson pushed her down (causing a mark on her knee and a cut on her elbow). She said she put the phone under herself to try to stop him from taking her phone, but he was able to take it, turn around, and hit the current boyfriend in the face with his phone. She said he then walked downstairs and went out the front door.

A deputy did observe a small cut on her right elbow and what appeared to be a carpet burn on her right knee.

The current boyfriend said he followed Thompson outside and asked him for his phone back. He said Thompson told him he didn’t need a phone and slammed it on the sidewalk, which caused it to shatter. He said Thompson then ran towards Grassdale Road.

A deputy did observe a cut above the current boyfriend’s left eye and the shattered phone.

A deputy stated there did appear to be a struggle in the bedroom. Besides the aforementioned issued, a crib was pushed over and the door frame was broken. The door frame to the back door downstairs was broken and the chain on the door was pulled out of the wall.

Cortez Thompson has been charged with two counts of aggravated assault involving the use of a firearm, two counts of misdemeanor family violence battery, two counts of false imprisonment, aggravated stalking, home invasion in the first degree, criminal trespass by intentionally damaging property, two counts of armed robbery, two counts of felony terroristic threats and acts, and possession of a firearm during commission of certain crimes.