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Harbin Clinic encourages community to prioritize “Health Maintenance”

June 4th, 2020 – 11:00 AM

Harbin Clinic – 

Summer is the perfect season for home improvements and Do It Yourself projects. The weather is warm, the sun is bright and the weekends are full of opportunities. Homeowners across the country commonly shift their focus on performing some type of basic maintenance to keep their houses running smoothly.

The same care that gets poured into the home should also be applied to overall wellness. Summer is an excellent time to schedule an annual well-check visit, and the Family Medicine and Internal Medicine physicians at Harbin Clinic are encouraging patients to build a strong foundation and keep their health top-notch.

“Men and women of all ages should see their primary care physician yearly,” says Dr. Brian McNiece of Harbin Clinic Family Medicine Rome. “By taking responsibility for their wellness, I believe that many people will find they live healthier and happier lives.”

For patients, it is critically important to have a primary care doctor who knows their medical history and can serve as a dedicated partner for lifelong health. Harbin Clinic physicians are committed to personally getting to know their patients, understanding their unique needs, and leading them on a journey to better health. Plus, he or she has the necessary tools to keep patient’s health on track when it comes to immunizations, check-ups, and health screenings.

Annual wellness visits consist of a full physical exam that measures key health indicators. These routine evaluations can help detect existing health issues or prevent future problems, keeping Do It Yourself-ers hammering away on their renovation projects.

Cholesterolblood pressureblood sugar levels, and body mass are some of the important indicators to have handy. Knowing these numbers helps patients better understand their health and make improved decisions about their overall wellbeing.

To schedule an annual well-check and learn about maintaining healthy numbers, visit