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Alabama police officer hit with a rock during traffic stop

June 28, 2020–7:13 p.m.


Friday night one of our officers had a vehicle pulled over on Chesnut Bypass between OK Tire and Cherokee Electric Co-op.

While on this traffic stop the officer was struck by a rock thrown from a vehicle and yelled at with obscenities.

The rock struck the officer in the vest area and due to wearing his vest, thankfully the officer sustained no injuries.

The vehicle in question is a black or possibly dark colored Dodge pickup truck. We are currently unsure of the year model of the truck until further videos can be reviewed.

If you have any information on this incident please contact Centre Police Dept.

We will not tolerate our officers being assaulted while on duty.

When this person or persons is identified and a full investigation is completed, this person or persons will be prosecuted to the full extent.

Thank you to those of the public who continue to always support our officers.

Chief Kirk Blankenship