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Rockmart Police and Rome/Floyd SWAT respond to domestic violence at Polk residence

July 18th, 2020

Rockmart Police Department – 

The following is a press release from the Rockmart Police Department:

“Our officers responded to 547 Lane Street around 9:20pm on Friday night. The call was in reference to a man with a gun. When officers arrived, they found a female and a small child near a truck out front. The female stated that Dustin Leggett hit her in the face with a pistol and went back inside.

She said that he made comments about harming himself and that he was the only one in the house. Officers established contact with Dustin while they set up a perimeter around the house. They also evacuated nearby homes for the safety of the residents who lived in that area.

Dustin turned his phone off and stopped communicating with the officers on scene. By this time, we were assisted by Cedartown Police Department and the Polk County Police Department in establishing the perimeter and keeping other citizens back. The decision was made to call Rome/Floyd County Swat for assistance since they had more resources and personnel.

When Rome/Floyd Swat arrived, they also tried to make contact with Dustin. At one point, his father was brought in to talk over the loud speaker to get Dustin to come out. After all methods were attempted, the decision was made to introduce gas into the house. (This was the sound heard by everyone on the street corner up the road who were yelling shots fired. No guns were fired!) We even told our officers on the radio in advance so that they wouldn’t confuse the sound. It was successful within just a few short seconds. Dustin walked out with his hands up and surrendered without injury to himself or any officers on scene. He was arrested and transported to jail for the offenses against the female victim.

We would like to thank our Rockmart Officers, Cedartown Police Department, Polk County Police Department, and the Rome/Floyd Swat officers. We would also like to thank the many citizens who gathered and remained at a safe distance and allowed everyone to work. Safety for all parties involved was everyone’s concern and this situation ended peacefully. There is only one house that is being aired out right now with the help of Rockmart Fire Dept and portable fans. A few others may smell the harmless gas odors for a little while, but it is safe for you all to return home.”