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Rome City Schools updates COVID-19 decision and communications matrix

August 12, 2020–3:00 p.m.


Rome City Board of Education recently approved revisions to the decision and a communications matrix for dealing with COVID-19 situations.

The matrix addresses a number of scenarios from no exposure at all to a positive COVID-19 test.

It then lists student, staff, school, and district actions for each scenario

Some of the changes were relatively minor.

One major change deals with closing a school due to an outbreak.

The matrix states that if four percent of the population within a building tests positive within a seven day period, that school would be shut down for cleaning.

In addition, if a situation arises where they cannot continue to run normal school operations because there are too many teachers and students in quarantine, they could make a decision to shut down the school at that point as well.

Another addition would be letting the public know of a school closure by noon on the day before.

The school system also plans to put together a report to let the public know what the status is at each school on a routine basis.

You can view the decision matrix HERE.