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RHS Swim Coach Gets Creative in Class

August 18th, 2020 – 11:25 AM

Rome City Schools – 

Educators at Rome City Schools are getting creative about how they will provide lessons in class.

Rome High School swim coach, Joey Powers, started the first day of classes by teaching from a paddle board. Each student was given a designated space around the pool to receive the information Powers taught. His goal was to deliver the curriculum while allowing for physical distancing.

“Usually, on the first day we all meet in the gym and get to know each other in the bleachers,” Powers explained. “I still want them to know how fun school can be, so I decided to have class in the pool area. We are going to be spread out while I show them how we can have fun in the pool.”

Powers said that he will be answering questions about what his students can expect this year while in his aquatics class. “I spent a lot of time on the paddle board with my family over the summer and I wanted to show them all how to have fun in an aquatic environment,” he said.

By covering safety before a student gets into the water, Powers hopes to demonstrate these vital procedures by using visual examples of what his swimmers need to pay close attention to throughout the year.

“We understand that everyone is really paying close attention to how we use our spaces to teach, and I wanted to be mindful of that,” Powers said. “My goal is to keep everyone safe, teach at a high level and pull all of our safety measures together for an engaging experience in the pool.”