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Floyd Board of Elections votes to use 3rd Party vendor to count Absentee Ballots

September 4th, 2020 – 3:00 PM

Staff Reports –

On Thursday afternoon (September 3rd), the Floyd County Board of Elections held a meeting to consider voting on a proposed third party contract with Runbeck Election Services (made available through the Georgia Secretary of State’s Office) to assist with processing absentee ballots.

The board decided it was best to meet again on Friday (on September 4th) to gather more information on how the process would work in order to make a informed voting decision.

On Friday afternoon the Floyd County Board of Elections held a short meeting where they voted in favor of the proposed decision to utilize a third party contract to assist with processing absentee ballots for the upcoming election.

“It would allow for more efficient processing of absentee ballots – It will free up our office staff to do some of the higher tasks they need to take care of to make sure the election runs smoothly” said Dr. Melanie Conrad with the election board.

Dr. Conrad also said that the Floyd County Election board traditionally only processes around 2,000 absentee ballots (in typical elections), but they are expecting much more with this election because of the impact of COVID-19 – potentially up to 15,000 this election.

Chief Clerk of the Election Board, Robert Brady, reiterated that this way of processing the absentee ballots would allow him and his staff to focus on processing the other ballots.