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Today is Election Day

November 3, 2020–7:54 a.m.


Today is Election Day.

In addition to the Presidential Election, Floyd County voters will cast ballots in a number of statewide and local races.

There are two contests for US Senate.

One sees incumbent Republican David Perdue being challenged by Democrat Jon Ossoff.

The other is an open primary with 20 candidates.

The polls show incumbent Kelly Loeffler, fellow Republican Doug Collins, and Democrat Raphael Warnock as the frontrunners.

For State Senate, incumbent Chuck Hufstetler is being challenged by Democrat Charles DeYoung.

For Clerk of Superior Court, incumbent Barbara Penson is being challenged by Moriah Medina.

There are two races for Floyd County Commission.

In District 2, Wright Baby and Charles Smith are squaring off.

In District 3, Allison Watters and Shonna Bailey are running.

The polls are open from 7 a.m. until 7 p.m.

WRGA will have election returns as they come in after the polls close.