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Runoff Election results

January 6, 2020–5:16 p.m.


Rev. Raphael Warnock is the projected winner of Georgia’s Special Election Runoff for the US Senate.

Warnock, a Democrat, defeated Incumbent Republican Kelly Loeffler.

Meanwhile, DemocratJon Ossoff is now the projected winner of the other US Senate contest, defeating Incumbent Republican David Perdue.

Despite the statewide results, the Republicans won big in Northwest Georgia.

In Floyd County, Perdue got 24,732 votes or 70.29% to Jon Ossoff’s 10,455 votes or 29.71%.

Loeffler got 21,587 votes (69.85%) in Floyd County while Rev. Raphael Warnock got 10,611 votes (30.15%).

In Gordon County, Perdue got 80.95% of the vote while Loeffler got 80.71%.

Perdue and Loeffler both won Polk County with over 77% of the vote.

They got nearly 80% in Chattooga County and nearly 75% in Bartow County.

(Results are unofficial)

Complete election returns below

.Statewide results

Floyd County results

Bartow County results

Gordon County results

Polk County results

Chattooga County results