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Thursday evening Severe Weather causes damage in Northwest Georgia

March 25th, 2021 – 6:10 PM

Staff Reports –

Storm damage was reported in many areas in the aftermath of the Severe Weather that moved through Northwest Georgia on Thursday evening.


According to the City of Cedartown, severe weather caused damage to traffic lights at the intersection of Main Street and MLK Jr. Blvd, as well as Multiple trees downed in the area of the Northview Cemetery. Many power outages were also reported by residents on the south side of Cedartown.

According to WGAA Radio, There was also some reported storm damage to Westside Elementary School.

The Polk County Police Department posted the following public service announcement after the storms settled that stated the following:

“If you don’t have to be out driving please stay home or somewhere safe. Let’s keep the traffic in the roads as minimal as possible. If you’re out driving looking at damage go home. First Responders and the power companies do not need you clogging the roads or rubber necking. Thank you for your cooperation!”

From the Polk County School District:

“Polk County has been hit hard this afternoon by the severe thunderstorms and tornadoes that have passed through our area. We have many families with damage to their homes and widespread power outages. In addition, several roads are blocked with fallen trees, and schools are now without power. All schools will be closed tomorrow in order to address the water and wind damage at schools, allow for families to take care of damages at their homes, and for roadways to be cleared. Stay safe, Polk!”

More pictures from Cedartown

A WRGA listener from Polk County sent in a photo of Hail that had fallen in their yard during the storm:


A WRGA exclusive photo of Flooding that occurred at Spout Springs Rd SW near Highway 411 :