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Tennis center management discussions underway

August 4, 2021–3:48 p.m.


There have been ongoing discussions regarding the management of the Rome Tennis Center.

Rome City Manager Sammy Rich told the General Administration Committee on Wednesday that there are plans to begin the process of seeking some private tennis management companies to come in and talk to city officials.

Rich said bringing in a private management company has proved successful for the Stonebridge Golf Club.

“When the city built and opened Stonebridge, we did it [the management] internally,” he said.  “We did that for a few years and then we decided to go out and see what the market would bear.”  So, we know that there are companies that specialize in managing tennis facilities.  We want to go through the process to, at least, solicit and talk to these firms and see what that might look like for us.”

Rich added that nothing is set in stone and nothing is predetermined.

Rome’s tourism director, Lisa Smith has been overseeing day-to-day operations at the tennis center for the past 14 months

“Being in the position we’re in, it would give us a good opportunity to look and see what’s out there,”  Rich said.  “Because we can’t keep wearing Lisa out wearing all the hats that she wears.”

Rich said that if the city gets any favorable proposals, he will bring the matter back before the General Administration Committee and ask to start the process of some sort of formal negotiation.