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21-year-old arrested for aggravated assault after Cartersville car wreck

August 16th, 2021 – 2:40 PM

Staff Reports –

A 21-year old man was arrested for allegedly assaulting a victim while armed with a deadly weapon after a car accident in Cartersville.

According to information provided by the Cartersville Police Department, on August 13th at approximately 2:57 PM, the Cartersville Police Department responded to a car accident at the intersection of Joe Frank Harris Pkwy and Gentilly Blvd. 

The Cartersville Fire Department had arrived on the scene beforehand and advised that one of the drivers in the accident was “irate”. A 21-year-old Joshua Lee Rodgers was identified as the “irate driver” and a black fixed blade knife with a brown wooden handle was found by the Fire Department in the roadway.

Police spoke with the other driver (The victim) who stated that he was turning onto Gentilly Blvd from Joe Frank Harris Parkway and was struck by Rodger’s vehicle. According to the victim, after the collision Rodgers allegedly exited his vehicle, removed a knife from his belt, and “charged” at him yelling. The victim stated he was in fear for his safety. 

The victim also stated Rodgers allegedly came within a few feet of him still armed with the knife when two unidentified males intervened and kept the parties separated until the Fire Department arrived on scene. The victim stated he wished to press charges against Rodgers.

An officer spoke with Rodgers who stated he exited his vehicle and threw his knife at his vehicle, punched and broke his own vehicle window, and then waited until the Fire Department to arrive. The officer noticed dried blood on the right hand of Rodgers consistent with an injury from punching and breaking a window. 

Police made contact with a witness to the wreck who was able to confirm the victim’s story, and Rodgers was arrested for one count of Aggravated Assault. 

The knife was photographed and collected before it was entered into evidence.