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City Commission backs projects for federal funding

November 23, 2021–11:55 a.m.


The Rome City Commission has backed a list of projects, totaling over $10 million to be funded with money from the American Rescue Plan.

The list includes 15 projects including a new addition.

“One thing I have added to this draft list is sewer improvements in the Chulio Hills area,” said Rome City Manager Sammy Rich.  “I would like to earmark about $750,000 for that.  So, that will take our total up to $10,443,241.”

The largest project is $2,780,000 for a meter replacement.

“Years ago, the city endeavored to do a smart meter project, and those meters are now becoming obsolete,” Rich said.  “So, now we are going to the next generation.  What we are talking about with the new smart technology meters is they are radio read.  Back in the old days, an employee was having to get out of the vehicle, and then pull the lid cover off in order the read the meter.  Now, you can do all that by radio read, so you just have to have a signal and a receiver to pick up the amount of water usage.  It’s allowed us to work smarter and more efficiently.”

You can view the rest of the projects HERE.