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Calhoun Police seek public aid in identifying theft suspect

April 20th, 2022 – 11:15 AM

The City of Calhoun Police Department –

Calhoun Detectives are requesting your assistance with identifying the man in these photographs. The male subject is wanted for questioning in a Theft by Deception case (Flim-Flam).

The subject selects several high-dollar items and takes them to a cashier. He counts out $1,220.00 and hands it to the cashier. Once the cashier counts the money, he reached over, took the money, and fanned it out. While fanning out the money, he folds and palms half of it. He then hands the money back to the cashier who failed to recount it.

The subject exits the store, taking with him $1,130.00 in merchandise that he only paid $530.00 for. He walks off the property and out of sight. There is no known vehicle and no other information available on the suspect.

This is a common theft where the suspect will seek out young, inexperienced, or weak cashiers. They will often wait until the store is busy, and will have others with them to distract the cashier. Some steps to take to combat this type of theft:
** Train cashiers to be aware of this type of theft.
** Have them call for a manager if they have an aggressive customer.
** Have them call for a manager if the customer starts giving them instructions on how to ring up purchases.

** If they become confused by what the customer is doing, have them “freeze” the transaction, close the cash drawer and call for a manager.

** And last, count and recount the money before completing the transaction.

If you know this man, contact Lieutenant David Nelson at (706) 602-5774, or email, [email protected].