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City of Rome Invites Businesses to Register for Upcoming Bid Opportunities

February 21st, 2023 – 11:50 AM

City of Rome Government –

The City of Rome invites local businesses to register for upcoming bid opportunities. Through Georgia Purchasing Group, one of Bidnet Direct’s regional e-procurement solutions, vendors throughout Floyd County and the State of Georgia are given easy online access to the city’s upcoming solicitations.

The City of Rome is encouraging all vendors to take advantage of this convenient online registration process. By registering online, vendors are easily able to view and respond to current and future bids.

“We would like to see more local businesses competing for city procurement for goods and services,” said City Purchasing Director Becky Smyth. “This is a great way for local businesses to stay informed about our upcoming bid opportunities and have a chance to compete for them.” After registering, local businesses will receive access to upcoming solicitations as well as the upcoming bids and RFPs from 19 other public agencies participating in the Georgia Purchasing Group; potentially expanding business opportunities.

The City of Rome invites all local vendors to visit and register. Registered vendors have the option to upgrade their service to receive customized bid alerts, notification of term contract expiration, and notification of a real-time addendum.

For more information about the City of Rome’s bidding process, please contact the City Purchasing Department at (706) 236-4410 or email [email protected]