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Arrest reports for Friday, Mar. 3, 2023

Sunday, Mar. 5, 2023–4:00 p.m.

-Floyd County Jail records-

Man accused of sharing nude picture of another person on Snap Chat

A Silver Creek man is accused of posting a nude picture of another person on social media without the victim’s consent.

According to the arrest warrant:

42-year-old James Kenneth Owens Jr. shared the picture in a Snap Chat story, viewable by all his friends.

He is charged with a felony count of violating the prohibition on nude or sexually explicit communications.

Owens is also accused of calling and sending text messages to the victim, resulting in a misdemeanor count of harassing communications.

New Jersey woman facing charges in Floyd County

A woman from Patterson, New Jersey was booked into the Floyd County Jail Thursday on charges of identity fraud, financial transaction card fraud, and giving a false name or date of birth to law enforcement.

According to Floyd County Jail records:

34-year old Rebecca Leaikira Powell tried to purchase a cell phone using a credit card with another name on it.

She also had a false passport and gave police a false name and birth date.

Man accused of stealing four-wheeler, and bicycle

A 41-year-old Cedartown man was charged with the thefts of a 4-wheeler and a bicycle from a location on Wax Road in Silver Creek in June of last year.

According to Floyd County Jail records:

Walter Jefferson Simpson Jr. is charged with 2nd-degree burglary and theft by taking.

The 4-wheeler was valued at $900 while the bicycle was valued at $160.

Report: Man left stolen gun behind at the scene of a burglary

A Rome man is accused of burglarizing a structure and leaving a firearm behind.

According to Floyd County Jail records:

36-year-old Joshua Ray Bannister entered a structure built to house machinery and vehicles. He then entered a car.

The report states that Bannister left a firearm behind and was determined during the investigation that he is a convicted felon.

The gun had been stolen from a vehicle several miles away.

Bannister has been in jail since Feb. 16 when he was arrested in connection with other burglaries.