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Committee hears plans for improvements to increase safety, reduce congestion on Riverside Parkway

Wednesday, Mar. 8, 2023–6:30 p.m.

-David Crowder, WRGA News-

DeWayne Cromer, Transportation Project Manager with EXP. shares possible designs for improvements on Riverside Parkway.

Some changes could be on the way on Riverside Parkway that would hopefully improve safety and traffic flow at its intersections with Chatillon Road and Veteran’s Memorial Highway.

As motorists who travel in that area know, traffic backs up during some parts of the day going toward Braves Boulevard, making it a challenge to turn onto or off of Chattilon.

During the month of February, Riverside Parkway at Chatillon Road was the sixth most dangerous intersection in Rome with three wrecks. Two were caused by a motorist failing to yield. The other was a result of a motorist following too closely.

The installation of a traffic control device at the intersection is out of the question. GDOT will not permit a traffic signal within 300 feet of the existing signal at Riverside and Veteran’s Memorial.

On Wednesday, the City of Rome’s public works, traffic, and transit committee heard from DeWayne Comer, Senior Transportation Project Manager with EXP, who has been working on behalf of the city with the Georgia Department of Transportation on the project.

Comer told the committee that his firm has conducted a study of the area, and found what he believes is the main issue, which is having only one thru-lane crossing Veteran’s Memorial. So, they would like to have two thru-lanes on each side.

“The biggest thing we are trying to accomplish is with the through movements off of Riverside onto the Armuchee Connector and from the Armuchee Connector across to Riverside,” he said. “Right now, you have single-crossing lanes in each direction. Adding a second through lane is going to allow for Riverside and the Armuchee Connector to clear much quicker. You won’t have the same backup once we get these additional lanes in. The DOT is interested in this project because we are going to put dual-lefts off of the State Route One Loop.”

According to Comer. the City is not just making it better for Riverside and Armuchee Connector, they are making it better for people making lefts onto the Armucche Connetor and onto Riverside Parkway from State Route One Lop.

“It’s very minimal constriction-wise, we are getting a lot of bang for our buck,” he said. ‘The state appreciated what we were doing enough that when we asked for help, through our state officials and the GDOT commissioner, the project was approved for $1.4 million for House Bill 170 funds.”

Comer said EXP is ready to start doing the survey and finalizing the design.

PICTURED; DeWayne Cromer, Transportation Project Manager with EXP. shares possible designs for improvements on Riverside Parkway.