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Police investigating burglaries in West Rome

Monday, Apr. 3, 2023–12:58 p.m.

-Rome Police Department report-

Rome Police responded to a suspected burglary at Sam’s Food Mart at 1944 Shorter Avenue over the weekend.

According to the incident report:

Police were called after someone reported that a piece of siding had been removed from the building.

An ATM and a lottery machine were broken into and the money boxes were taken from the inside.

Police also found a pick axe, a battery-operated angle grinder, a power cable, and batteries lying next to the ATM.

There was $181 in cash on the floor and the office had been ransacked.

Storage buildings next door at 1492 Shorter Avenue had also been broken into and one of them was severely burned.

Security cameras showed two white males with bandanas over their faces, walking in and out, carrying various items.