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Elevation House and LivingProof Recovery joining forces

Tuesday, June 11, 2024–10:47 a.m.

-News Release-

Two local nonprofits, Elevation House and LivingProof Recovery, plan to join forces to maximize support and increase the likelihood of long-term recovery in Rome and Floyd County. 

The two organizations have recognized the extreme need for synergy of support to serve those living with a dual diagnosis (substance use disorder and mental health challenges). While the unification is currently being finalized, the organizations plan to take action a step further than collaboration. Elevation House staff and programming will be integrated into LivingProof’s umbrella of services to establish a Supported Volunteer Service program. 

Elevation House staff will bring the mission and core values they have always exercised within their mental health clubhouse under the same roof to offer psychosocial rehabilitation efforts to those living with mental health challenges. LivingProof Recovery will be the surviving name of this combined effort. 

“Data shows that mental illness and substance use disorder often overlap,” said Elevation House Founder Don Scuvotti. “In fact, nearly nine million people have a co-occurring disorder according to the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services. Yet, only seven percent of these individuals get support for both conditions. And nearly 60 percent receive no support at all. We believe we can do better for Rome and Floyd County by bringing our strengths and support together to serve our community.”

LivingProof Recovery offers a comprehensive range of services to support recovery from substance use disorder. 

“One of the services that we provide is a multiple pathway approach to recovery,” said LivingProof Executive Director Brittney Galvanauskas. “There is not a one-size-fits-all all to healing from any mental health or physical health diagnosis. By offering different avenues to wellness, our peers have options.”

Alongside LivingProof’s mission to support long-term substance use disorder recovery through peer support services, Elevation House staff will work to utilize a structure of service that empowers and supports peers living with a mental health condition, both with and without substance use disorder, by offering opportunities to build confidence, work toward personal goals, build relationships and find purpose through meaningful work; all in an effort to end economic and social isolation. It’s important to note that the annual fundraiser established by Elevation House, called Taste of Rome, will remain instrumental in funding this work. 

“The poignant adage repeated in the recovery world says ‘the opposite of addiction is connection,’” said Elevation House Executive Director Erin deMesquita. “The mission of Elevation House has always been to end isolation, the opposite of which is inclusion. The synergy speaks loudly. What better way to embrace those navigating their recovery journeys than to offer an inclusive environment where the dually diagnosed can receive community, support and empowerment to fully fuel recovery.” 

This unification comes right as Elevation House celebrates its fifth-year anniversary in Rome. The leadership staff and board of directors for both organizations agree that there could be no better gift than the hope for more healing and recovery in this community.

“Together, LivingProof and Elevation House will use lived and professional experience with overcoming mental health challenges to walk with peers, community members and their families experiencing the recovery journey,” Galvanauskas added. “At the same time, we will support others with the goal of helping them and their families avoid the experience of chemical dependency. That is truly beautiful, and that is what commUNITY can achieve.” 

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