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Jerry Broadway

    Soso, Mississippi’s Very Own


    Jerry Broadway is a proud native of Soso, MS (pop 308). He grew up on a dirt road, where he spent his childhood working in chicken houses, hauling hay, picking watermelons, and throwing rocks at the power lines that ran over his trailer (This behavior is not recommended, but if you HIT the powerline with a rock, it makes a sound like a laser firing from a spaceship).

    Broadway has what Luke Bryan calls “Dirt Road Cred”. He learned to swim in a creek that legend held had no bottom. He cut down his family’s Christmas tree several years from various fields down the road from their home (fields he neither owned nor had permission to be in). He can, in fact, skin a buck AND run a trotline. One of his greatest personal achievements was being told by Country Star Hardy, who literally started his career with a song called “Rednecker”, that the only person Hardy had ever met that was more country than he was, you guessed it, Broadway.

    He outkicked his coverage when he convinced Daphne to be his wife. And even though we’re certain she’s thought about putting D-Con in his coffee at least twice, she has stuck by his side through thick and thin for nearly 30 years. They have three children. Hayley, Chandler, and the family rock star, Grayson. Grayson was the subject of Broadway’s first book, “Amazing Grayson”, which chronicles the lives of their family as they accepted the challenge of raising a child with multiple special needs.

    When he’s not herding cats as host of The Bud and Broadway Show, he can be found watching serial killer documentaries, playing video games, grilling for friends and family, or planning his next trip to be next to a body of water. He has also been known to pick a tune on one of his guitars. He has won numerous awards for his work on The Bud and Broadway Show. Awards you will be forced to walk by when you enter his home. Yes, you are expected to ooh and ahh, even if you’ve seen them fifty times already. He has written one book, several awful country songs, and numerous well thought out, thought-provoking blogs that went largely unnoticed by all but his closest friends and family.